【Hand Gel Nail】ハンドジェルネイル

BaseGel(ベース ジェル)
Cuticle care, Filing, Top coat

Gel nail is a substance that hardens gelled resin with UV light.
It lasts longer than painting with manicure, does not make the nail feel uncomfortable with light feeling of fit. 
For those who are easy to break the nails, it also serves as a reinforcement.

In our shop, we carefully do the pretreatment to apply the gel over time to minimize the load on the nails. 
Also, carefully caring for the cinnamon and healthy nails while enjoying the gel. 

※Tax included

Gel manicure

Cuticle care, Filing, One color gel


Gradation (Glitter)

Cuticle care, Filing, Glitter gradation art gel  


Gradation (Color)

Cuticle care, Filing, Color gradation art gel  


French, marbling 

Cuticle care, Filing, French art gel